Maintenance & Repair

Haly Home Comfort Maintenance and Repair

Like family, we’re always there for you.

Our dedicated Service Team members are there throughout every step and every detail of your equipment’s maintenance or repairs. Our Service Team works around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure the best for you and your family. After all, there’s no place like home.

Safety & Efficiency Agreement (SEA)

Our signature Safety & Efficiency Agreement is one of the most comprehensive service agreements anywhere – designed to ensure your heating and/or cooling equipment gets a thorough yearly tune up, safety and efficiency check. With the plan you’ll be considered a preferred customer, and you’ll receive priority service with discounts up to 15% on most repairs. You’ll never pay overtime rates and we always tell you the repair costs before they are made with a Haly SEA.

All service contracts also include:

  • Certified service technicians
  • 24-hour a day / 7-day a week service
  • Free annual clean & tune

Annual Clean & Tune

Like going to the doctor for a yearly physical, tuning up your heating system will help ease your mind. Preventative maintenance should be done annually to keep things running smoothly.

The annual maintenance (also known as the annual clean and tune) includes the following for the following listed systems.

Annual Clean & Tune Services For All Haly Systems:

  • Clean, level, check thermostat
  • Check air filter, record size, and advise
  • Check, secure, and tighten all electrical connections and terminals
  • Check voltage and amp draws on all motors
  • Adjust drive belts and pulleys
  • Inspect blower motors and wheels
  • Lubricate all oil motors as required
  • Test all safety controls/devices
  • Set unit to peak efficiency and manufacturer specifications
  • Check operation of unit
  • Advise customer of results and/or recommendations

Annual Oil Furnaces, Boilers, and Water Heaters Maintenance:

  • Replace nozzle
  • Replace pump strainer
  • Check burner settings
  • Replace oil filter cartridge
  • Clean burner compartment and wheel housing
  • Clean heat exchanger with brushes and vacuum
  • Clean fuel pipe and fuel collector with brushes and vacuum
  • Clean chimney base
  • Re-seal chimney pipe
  • Record stack temperature, smoke, and C02 settings

Annual Tune Up Services For Gas Furnaces (Propane and Natural Gas):

  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Check gas pressure—incoming and manifold
  • Clean condensing furnace condensate traps
  • Check pressure switches
  • Clean pilot assembly
  • Clean burners
  • Check ignition control and igniter
  • Check flame sensor
  • Inspect flue piping and chimney base

Services for Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Geothermal:

  • Check temperature differential at indoor coil
  • Check electric emergency heat
  • Check defrost control
  • Check refrigerant pressures when needed
  • Inspect contactor
  • Inspect compressor terminals
  • Check run capacitor
  • Check start capacitor
  • Clean indoor coil and condensate pan if accessible
  • Clean outdoor coil (must have outdoor water connection available on site)
  • Flush condensate trap and lines
  • Clean condensate pump

Emergency Services

We never want you to be without heat in the middle of winter, but sometimes, emergencies happen. The good news is we’re always there to answer your call.

How to Reach Us:
For emergency 24-hour service, please call 610.251.0342

What to Do If Your Furnace Stops Working:
You just might be able to get your furnace back up and running again. Try following these steps before calling us:

  • Make sure your emergency oil burner switch is on.
  • Check the thermostat and make sure it is set above the room temperature.
  • Check for a blown fuse or circuit breaker.
  • Check the oil tank to ensure that there is oil.
  • If the home has a steam boiler, check the water level and refill if necessary.
  • If all the steps above have been completed successfully and the system remains off, press the red reset button on the burner relay ONCE ONLY.
  • If the burner does not start or fails to stay running at that point, please give us a call.

TankSure Oil Protection

Haly Oil and The TankSure® Program have partnered together to provide you with the best warranty plan possible.

The TankSure® Warranty Program Offers:

  • Potential discounts on your homeowner’s insurance policy.
  • A tank replacement warranty for qualifying tanks
  • EPA Approved Testing Technology. Ultrasonic equipment detects the level of corrosion inside oil tanks.
  • Protection of your home, your biggest investment.
  • Inspection of common tank components such as legs, seams, fill and vent pipes, oil lines and vent whistle.
  • Ultrasonic inspection of tank walls thickness to evaluate timing of necessary tank replacements.

Peace of Mind

When you sign up for the TankSure program with Haly Oil, you are protecting your home. Through visual inspection and ultrasonic testing of your tank, we can often know BEFORE a tank leaks that it is vulnerable. What does this save you from? Costly repairs.

Test Now – Before It’s Too Late

Tanks that need immediate replacement do not qualify for TankSure Coverage. We will test your tank for qualification at your next annual maintenance. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call us today to find out if your tank qualifies.

*Cost of oil clean up is not included as part of our replacement warranty, and the homeowner is responsible for all costs related to any oil that spills. Tanks must be 100% accessible. Sometimes homeowners build out around their oil tanks. While we make every effort to remove a tank without disrupting walls, carpeting, built-ins, furniture, etc, homeowners are responsible for any additional cost associated with making the tank accessible.