Account Set Ups For New Customers As Told By Our Project Coordinator

Account Set Ups For New Customers As Told By Our Project Coordinator

January 11, 2017

New Customer Account Set Ups

Person signing new customer account form

My name is Amy Ortiz. I am a Project Coordinator at Haly Home Comfort and Great Valley Propane. One of my primary functions is getting all new customer account information set up in our billing system. It seems easy enough, right? It’s not difficult to set up a customer’s account. The tricky part is that there are components of an account that affect all different departments. If a component is missing or incomplete, then a department may be searching for that information down the line. The goal — my goal — is to set up an account accurately. This is so no time is wasted looking for any information that I could have completed in the beginning.

Here are some Q&A’s that can help clarify our customer’s questions when they are completing their paperwork for us.


Q: I have an oil tank, but I don’t know what size it is. Why is the tank size important? 

A: It’s important for us to know what your oil tank size is for us to do our job. We need to know so that when the weather starts getting cold you don’t run out of fuel. If we don’t know your tank size, let us know the date of your last delivery. It is impossible for us to determine when your next oil delivery should be based on the gallons of your last delivery.

Q: I know that I use my heating oil for our heat in the house, but I’m not sure if I use my heating oil to heat our water. Why does that matter? 

A: It is not an issue if the gauge on your oil tank is reading low in the summer if you only use your heating oil to heat your home. You usually won’t turn your heat on until sometime in October. However, it is if your heating oil is used to heat your water. If that’s the case, you would want to make sure that you have plenty of oil in your tank year round. We must know if you use oil heat to heat your water. That way, we can make sure that we schedule deliveries all year. And ensure that you always have hot water.

Q: My dog Sparky is such a good boy, but why does the Haly Sales Representative want to know about my pet? 

A: Our drivers are busy every day making deliveries to ensure that our customers do not run out of heating oil and/or propane. It is important that if a customer has a dog,  we let our drivers know to prepare himself. The notation that you have a dog is added to your account, so that any driver delivering to your home knows that they might be greeted by a potential pup. A driver might be startled if he pulls the hose us to your house and a dog starts running towards him. Sparky might be a good doggy, but it’s best that we know that Sparky exists.


Amy on the left

Written by Amy Ortiz. (Seen standing here to the left of co-worker, Karen Mellema)



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